Room Set Up Tips For An Awesome Event

When planning an awesome event, choosing the perfect room set up can’t be an after thought or be completely overlooked. The room set up is a tremendously important component of your event planning and should be one of the top priorities as you move into your event preparation stage. If the perfect room set up or floor plan is chosen it ensures you will have a perfect flow of ideas and create greater engagement between the host, presenters, staff, volunteers, event service providers, vendors, sponsors and the event participants. This in turn, leads to an awesome experience for everyone involved with the event.

As you may know, room set ups and floor plans come in an array of styles and formations. When choosing the perfect set up, the following factors should be considered:

  • Type of event
  • Your event purpose
  • Your event objectives
  • Type of audience
  • Size of audience
  • Size of the venue
  • Venue set up (stage, ceiling height, windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.)
  • Available equipment (chairs, tables, lighting, PA system, AV equipment, etc.)
  • Occupancy restrictions
  • Fire codes

Here’s one final tip to consider when it comes to room set up. Depending on the type of event you’re having, and if presenters are involved, event best practices may include asking the presenters what type of room set up they prefer. This is important to consider (especially in a small group setting) because each presenter knows which room set up works the best for them as they share their topic with the audience. For one presenter theater style may work best. For another presenter, arranging the room with rectangle tables and chairs in a U shape will create a better flow. Giving your presenter the option to choose will create a win-win situation for all.

Just one word of wisdom regarding providing this option to your presenters. It’s always advised to check with the venue first to see if different room set ups are allowed. Verifying this information will save you from having to apologize later for something you can’t deliver.

Happy planning and may all your events be awesome!

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